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"The United Roots Design Program goes beyond what you would expect to gain from typical design classes. Desmond is the BEST! If you have any questions at all, he will be sure to go out of his way to answer them. I've learned a lot from his recent Adobe Illustrator class where we actually had time to learn Adobe After Effects as well. Not only did the class teach me a whole lot, but it also came with benefits, so I went home (virtually) with not only more knowledge, but some goodies as well. These classes are the runway to starting your career as a graphic designer. You'll learn so many niche tools and methods that you won't find outside of such a family-like class setting. I'm looking forward to learning some dope things in the upcoming classes, which I will DEFINITELY be attending! You can't go wrong with these classes, it's community and education at its finest."
"UR helped to give my life direction, showing me a new path to discover through UR media and the graphic design program. UR provided the opportunity, resources like food, transportation & software, lasting connections, and a space to develop and grow my skills. I haven't stopped to look back; my future is a way better view and I'm grateful.”
"Being in the media program at United Roots created lifelong relationships for me. Relationships that have been mutually beneficial and continue to grow. I don’t know where I would be if I didn’t have the connections and resources introduced to me via the media program. This program truly makes a deep and positive impact on our community, but mostly youth looking for support and guidance."

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